About Fox Haven

Come Explore with us

You arrive at Fox Haven via a long and winding driveway that passes forest, ponds, granite rock, and wetlands. Spiraling off are trails to campsites situated in the midst of beautiful natural areas. Explore the private lake, see the water lilies, row over to the island, and maybe even get the chance to wave at the beavers as they work!

Our Purpose

Fox Haven was created as a safer space for alternative communities to hold events in a pristine wilderness setting. Fox Haven is a place for personal growth, for play, and for creativity. It is a place for magic, for warmth, for forming community and forging bonds of true friendship.

The main camp is set apart from the world in a way that enables a group to be secure in the knowledge that only those invited can access the camp. This privacy allows people to feel freer to express their true selves and explore aspects of themselves they don’t always feel comfortable showing.

Unspoiled Wilderness

Fox Haven is situated on over 130 acres of land and surrounded by additional wilderness. Animals such as moose, sandhill cranes, eagles, beaver, foxes, herons, turtles, and more call this home. 

You arrive at Fox Haven via a long and winding driveway that passes forest, ponds, granite rock, and wetlands. Spiraling off the road are trails to campsites situated in the midst of beautiful natural areas. Explore the private lake, see the water lilies, row over to the island, and maybe even get the chance to wave at the beavers as they work. 

Come and explore the beautiful forests, lake, wetlands, granite rock outcroppings, and wildflowers for yourself!


Indoor Sleeping

There are two permanent buildings with indoor beds: the Foxes Den and Fort Fabulous. Within these buildings are 12 beds for attendees (seven double beds and five single beds). Both buildings are easily heated using wood-burning stoves. Fort Fabulous overlooks the large grassy hill and Haven Lake. The Foxes Den is nearby at the edge of the forest paths.


Around 50 campsites are found at Fox Haven. Some are along trails through the forests of birch and evergreen trees. Others are on natural rock clearings. A few campsites are in the natural sand dunes area. All are within five minutes of the main buildings and facilities. Along the trails leading to the campsites wildflowers grow and blossom.


Electricity is supplied by solar panels, which is primarily used to power the water pump and the fridge. Power may be available for personal use when the sun is shining or the generator is running, but the supply is limited.

Kitchen & BBQ's

A full kitchen is located in the main cabin and is fully stocked with dishes for groups of 20. Pots, pans, cups, glasses, and a multitude of cooking implements to prepare the communal meals that attendees enjoy. Outside, on the deck that overlooks the lake, are five BBQ’s and a smoker. There are also over twenty shelves making up a pantry.

Washrooms and Showers

There are two indoor washrooms in Fort Fabulous with toilets and showers. One of the washrooms has features that allow it to be more accessible with an extra wide door, shower and a shower stool. (We have plans to work on in the future to increase this washroom’s accessibility).

Additionally, there are outdoor showers nearby to Fort Fabulous and a number of outhouses scattered about the camp. We also have a partnership with a local supplier for portable toilet rentals when attendee numbers necessitate additional facilities.


Four large campfire spots are available, each including a protective ring. One campfire is right by the lake. A second is high up on Witch’s Rock and overlooks the lake, providing one of the best views on the property. The third one is in the sand of Tattooine, a popular area for spotting turtles. The final one is on the island on Haven Lake.


Off Fort Fabulous is a wood-fired sauna. The interior is lined with cedar and provides a wonderful aroma as it heats up. This is the perfect way to warm up and relax. In winter, some enjoy going between the snow and the sauna to cleanse their pores and improve circulation. Others love the sweaty intimacy the sauna can provide. A room off the sauna provides a good place to change and store towels.

Private Lake & Boating

The lake at Fox Haven is completely private. The property owns all the land surrounding the lake, thereby ensuring no one else has access to it. Explore the lake using the canoe, rowboat, or paddle boat. Beaver, ducks, geese, herons, turtles, fish, and frogs all call the lake home. Wild irises, water lilies, and carnivorous pitcher plants are some of the beautiful plants that grow along the edge of the water.

The Glitter Palace

This is a multi-use studio space and activity centre. With a wall of mirrors, large windows letting in light, a  high ceiling with exposed trusses, and a large deck attached to it, the Glitter Palace is a building that can be used for almost anything! It has been used as an artist studio, rehearsal space, green room for performances, presentation centre, and more! Having this indoor space means that events can happen regardless of the weather!

The Glade

One of the most beautiful green spaces at Fox Haven is the Glade. It is a level field surrounded by rock walls holding amazing perennial flower gardens. The blooms start in the early spring right as the snow retreats and continue all the way through autumn. Walking through the archway at the far side is the young orchard with fruit tree saplings. This area can be used for activities, seating for shows, ceremonies, or even a place for RVs. 


Three raised gardens hold fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers. The herbs help make the food at camps taste delicious. Later in the summer and autumn, fresh vegetables help add freshness to the meals. More gardens and plants are being added with stunning flowers. We also have a small orchard with young fruit trees! Should you be interested,  have ideas, or want to help, let us know!

The Surrounding Area

Sturgeon Falls

Located 25 minutes from Fox Haven, the town of Sturgeon Falls has everything you might need including groceries, a pharmacy, hardware stores, a Canadian Tire, dollar stores, and one of the best bakeries you’ll ever find!

North Bay

An hour from camp, situated along the shore of Lake Nipissing, is the city of North Bay. Here, you will find antique shops along the main street, major Canadian banks, an incredible used book store, a fantastic farmers market, and a active LGBT community that hosts a pride celebration, drag shows, and dances!


At just over an hour from Fox Haven, Sudbury is the closest airport. This city also hosts some fantastic museums including Science North and Dynamic Earth. Additionally, from a pride celebration to body-positive burlesque shows, Sudbury has some wonderful events for the community!